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Name : Rouhallah

Family : Afsharpour

Nick Name : Rul Afshar

Date of Birth : 08/04/1990

Student of TUM

Country/City : Germany/ Munich


Major : Civil Engineering


2009 – 2013                                Islamic Azad University, Abadan, Iran
                                                      B.S. in Civil Engineering
GPA: 19.19 / 20                          (Ranked 1st)


2007                                           Selected in Third Astronomy Olympiad, Khuzestan, Iran
2013                                           Ranked 1st among more than 120 graduates CERTIFICATE
5 semesters                              Tuition fee reduction to top performing student
2015                                           Admission from top German universities (TUM-RUB-Tübingen-Göttingen)
                                                    I will start my master's degree in Technical University of Munich
                                                    MSc in Environmental Engineering (Oct 2015) CERTIFICATE

2015                                           Admission + Tuition fee waiver + Golden Scholarship CERTIFICATE
                                                    MSc in Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation
                                                    Politecnico di Milano University, Italy


Hydrology and River Basin Management
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering
Structural Engineering


  1. A. Razavi, A. Mohebi, R. Afsharpour, (2013) Optimization of Producing Bridges and Soles Using Different
    Kinds of Steel Materials, 7th National Congress on Civil Engineering, Zahedan, Iran. CERTIFICATE
  2. N. Ghazalifar, R. Afsharpour, K. Mohammadzadeh, (2013) Consideration of Earthquake Effects on Groundwater, National Conference of Passive Defense in Agriculture, Gheshm, Iran. CERTIFICATE


July 2008-May 2010                       Astronomy teacher, Basirat Institute and
                                                          Brilliant Talent Schools, Abadan, Iran CERTIFICATE
Oct 2012-Feb 2013                        Internship, Zamin-Kavane-Jonoub Private Company
                                                          Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Abadan, Iran CERTIFICATE
Apr 2013–Mar 2014                      Civil engineer (assistant), Aria-Khake-Arvandan
                                                          Private Company, Abadan, Iran CERTIFICATE
Apr 2014-Present                           Voluntary research assistant, Taranome-Sabze-Mohit
                                                          Private Environmental Organization, Abadan, Iran CERTIFICATE
Jan 2015-Present                           Civil engineer (designer), Saze-Novin-Jahantabe-Pars
                                                          Private Construction Company, Shiraz, Iran CERTIFICATE


2012                           Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Abadan Refinery
2013                           Water and Wastewater Treatment, Delft University (online course) CERTIFICATE
2014                           Urban Solutions to the Global Water Crisis, UBC (online course) CERTIFICATE


Teaching assistant:
Statics, Steel Structures I & II (supervisor: Professor Seyed Abdonnabi Razavi)
Islamic Azad University, Civil Engineering Department, Abadan, Iran (2012-2013)

(Presenter), Microsoft Excel for civil engineers ("how to design Civil Engineering Programs") POSTER
(Assistant), Etabs & Safe ("how to design a five-storey steel structure") Presented by prof.Razavi POSTER
(Assistant), Dam engineering ("how El Cajón Dam was built?") Presented by prof.Razavi POSTER

Student Association:
Designing and managing Civil Engineering Department Website, typing and uploading professor's lectures to it, Publishing free e-books, apps and multimedia lessons for students. (WWW.ABADANCIVIL.IR)

Astronomical Publications :
The Effects of Precession of Earth on Astrology  (IN PERSIAN)


  • Programming Language: C#, Matlab, Fortran, Pascal, VBA
  • Engineering software: Etabs, Safe, Autocad, Sap 2000, Arc GIS
  • General: Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash

AUTOCAD, 50-hours course, Dibagaran, Shiraz, Iran CERTIFICATE
MATLAB, 30-hours course, Dibagaran, Shiraz, Iran CERTIFICATE
EXCEL FOR ENGINEERS, 50-hours course, Dibagaran, Shiraz, Iran  CERTIFICATE


Persian:  Native Language
English:  ACADEMIC IELTS 7 (Listening 7.5, Speaking 7, Writing 7, Reading 6.5) CERTIFICATE
German:  Upper Intermediate (B2)


Reading books and journals
Watching science-fiction movies, animation producing, website designing
Astrophotography, astronomy teaching
Archery, football, handball

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